Colombia Natural Brandywine

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Tasting Notes: Black Plum, Blackberry, Grape, Grapefruit sweetened with sugar 

Region: Narino
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Natural
Farm: Finca El Obraje 
Producer: Pablo Andres Guerrero
Elevation: 2000 MASL

Mr. Pablo Guerrero was the first to introduce coffee to the Tangua area outside of the city of Pasto in the year 2000. Hacienda El Obraje has been in Pablo’s family for many years and originally produced wheat and other grains. In the 1990’s, the Colombian government began importing grains, and cultivating wheat was no longer viable.  Looking for an alternative, Pablo and his team experimented with fruit trees, including apples and peaches, for ten years, but challenges like bringing fresh fruit to market made fruit cultivation unsuccessful.

El Obraje’s wet mill on the property is extremely tidy and includes tile fermentation tanks, depulping equipment, mechanical oven dryers, and raised drying beds under a solar dryer. Coffee processing begins as soon as the cherries are harvested. 

According to Pablo, “Experimenting with fermentation has been quite interesting. We have tried different times and temperatures, first with the cherries and after with the beans. I have learned many things. It’s important to have always the same quantity of coffee during the fermentation process, or at least give the coffee similar conditions of space and temperature.” (From Ally Coffee)

Natural Processing

All processing times vary according to the variables of climate at the time of harvest. Coffees destined to be Natural processed are normally fermented for 20 hours in cherry in the same bags the pickers use, then flotation-sorted before being moved to raised beds to dry. Drying typically takes 30 days for Naturals.