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We Taste: Golden Apples, Almond Extract, Nougat, and Plum 

Origin: Colombia
Region: Nariño
Producer: Arturo Guzman
Farm: Finca El Sauce
1,880 meters

About Finca El Sauce: 

Finca El Sauce has been passed from generation to generation. The first generation who started cultivating coffee was Arturo’s grandfather, Don Efrain Chavez, and from there onward it was passed to the second and third generation managing the farm today, where Don Arturo Guzman has been cultivating coffee for 18 years. The farm is in excellent condition, with proper wet mill infrastructure for processing coffee, including a freshwater stream that provides clean water for washing coffee.

The farm has further optimal coffee growing conditions: high elevation, temperate climate, and close by to the dry mill and other resources in the town of Buesaco. Finca El Sauce plants orange, lime, lemon, and bananas as shade between the coffee trees, but coffee is the only cash crop cultivated for export.

This year’s production was reduced compared with last year’s production because a spell of hot weather burned a percentage of the coffee trees. Don Arturo fertilizes his coffee plots in October and April and trains his coffee collectors to only harvest ripe cherries. Coffee ferments for 14 hours prior to being fully washed. Don Arturo makes sure to let coffee dry slowly in the shade, an experiment in improved specialty processing that has proven very successful.

Brew recommendations:
Clever Dripper:

- medium-coarse grind size

- Pour some of the hot water into the dripper, thoroughly soaking the filter. Set the dripper on top of a coffee cup and allow the rinsing water to fully drain into the cup. Discard the rinsing water.

- Pour 300 grams of hot water into the dripper, thoroughly saturating the coffee grounds. Let stand, covered, for 1 minute. Uncover and quickly stir the steeping coffee to break up the cap of grounds floating on top. Let stand, covered, for 2 1/2 minutes longer.

- Set the dripper on the coffee cup and allow the coffee to fully drain into the cup.