Coral Gold Telescopic Straw

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Each purchase contains:

1 silver regular telescopic straw

1 telescopic brush cleaner

1 coral gold keychain case



Extended length: 8.88 inches

Compacted length: 4.63 inches

Diameter (largest end): 0.32 inches

Brush cleaner

Extended length: 8.75 inches

Compacted length: 4.25 inches

Diameter: 0.38 inches

Keychain case

Length: 4.32 inches

Diameter: 0.57 inches

Straw information:

Food grade stainless steel, non-toxic, BPA and lead-free

Caution when using stainless steel straws with hot drinks

All straws have a pointed end for easy use with drinks that have sealing films

All telescopic straws have two notches towards the bottom to create the telescopic feature

Dishwasher safe