Kenya Kaplusa Brandywine

Kenya Kaplusa Brandywine


asting Notes: Brown Sugar, Peach, Orange, Juicy

Region: Kericho County
Washing Station:  Kapluso
SL28, SL32, Ruiru 11
Elevation: 1,850 MASL

More about the Kapluso Washing Station (From Royal NY) There are 360 members of the washing station, of which 120 are women. Most producers in the region use SL or Ruiru varietals, which are well-suited to the soil of the area. Coffee is dried for 14-17 days, then washed according to traditional processing. The end result is a coffee with a clean profile accented with bright citrus notes.Batch Brew Recommendation:

110-120g coffee for half gallon batches

230-240g coffee for gallon batches

Espresso Recommendation:

We're loving 19g in, 38-40g out over 25-29 seconds