Kenya Kapluso AB Brandywine

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We Taste: Marzipan, Blackberry Jam, Orange Juice, and Sugar 

ORIGIN: Burundi
REGION: Kayansa
PRODUCER: Long Miles Coffee Project
FARM: 231 Smallholder Farms
PROCESS: Natural

About Long Miles Coffee project:

Founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson, Long Miles Coffee was born in the lush coffee producing country of Burundi, East Africa. All over Burundi we saw farmers being taken advantage of by a broken coffee system. Poor farming practices also kept farmers in poverty. We saw an opportunity to improve people’s lives by improving the quality of the coffee they produced. While dreaming of great coffee and a better future for farmers, we built our first washing station (or wet mill) in 2013.

In our first season, with the help of our friends and devoted blog readers, we sold all the coffee before it even hit the drying tables. This overwhelming support allowed us to pay the farmers who delivered their coffee cherries to us months before any other washing station in our area, and we quickly became established as a vital part of the community.

Our second washing station, Heza, came online in 2014 just before the country plummeted into a season of instability. Along with building Heza, we planted our first coffee farm, which was an encouragement to the hundreds of small holding farmers around us. They saw that we were  committed to the land, no matter what the political climate.