Onyx Rwanda Ejo Heza
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Onyx Rwanda Ejo Heza


This coffee comes from the “Ejo Heza” program in Rwanda, which is a unique, all-women’s group that means “Bright Tomorrow”.  While this is our first time to work with this amazing coffee, we couldn’t be more pleased at the roastery. Its character is exactly what we look for in high quality, specialty farmed Rwandan. Sweeping notes of bright, juicy apple woven with complex soluble sugars come through after extraction. The end result is a beautiful cup that performs well as an espresso or filter offering. The talent in farming and processing is evident in the final cup and we are honored to celebrate the entire concept this coffee represents.

Traditional | ● ● ● ●  ○ ○ | Modern

Bourbon. Washed, Raised-Bed Dried.

Cup Notes: Red Apple, Golden Raisin, Brown Sugar, Apricot