Utensil Wrap Set

Utensil Wrap Set


This zero waste utensil set includes one canvas wrap, a bamboo fork, bamboo spoon, bamboo knife, bamboo straw and a straw cleaning brush.

The wrap has a water resistant lining to help when you have to put dirty utensils back inside. We recommend hand washing the wrap fabric or washing on cold, delicate cycle only with light colors. Line dry.  

Hand wash the bamboo utensils, using the dishwasher will remove the food safe coating. Leaving the bamboo utensils soaking in water will cause them to swell and crack. 

Travel tip - bamboo utensils are TSA friendly and won’t get you in trouble with airport security, unlike metal utensils. 

Swap it out - if you prefer metal utensils for day to day, just swap out the utensils for some you have a home, or find some nice used ones at your local thrift store. 

Color options - hunter green