About Us

Impacting the world through action sports, this is the mission of Ride Nature. Not sales or profit. Not followers or likes. The products we sell and the House of Ride Nature exist solely as a means to support the international mission work of the Ride Nature organization. With every item you purchase, whether a t-shirt, hat, or board, the proceeds are used to help bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with free surfboards and skateboards to children living in poverty around the world.

Why skateboards or surfboards? Why not food, clothes, or water? For us, the impact goes much deeper than just the gift of a free board. The kids that receive the boards we give away receive them truly as gifts. They don’t work for them, earn them, or even really deserve them. The same is true with the message that is shared with every board given away; a message of hope and salvation that is found only in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness and a relationship with the creator is the ultimate gift that any of us will ever receive. This too is a gift that is neither worked for, earned, nor deserved. The boards we give away are tools for us to share this truth with every child that receives a board.



Since 2009, thousands of children from all around the world have received the gift of a free board because of the generous support of individuals just like you. Through initiatives like the BUY ONE GIVE ONE campaign and the support of several key board sponsors, we have been able to partner with leaders around the world to not only provide free boards for children living in poverty, but also to help establish and equip leadership to use action sports as an effective tool for outreach, evangelism, and discipleship. Through short term mission trips, film projects, skatepark builds, and board drops, it is our goal to continue bringing boards and the Gospel “TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!” To learn more about the international work of Ride Nature please visit www.ridenature.org.

Anyone who has been blessed with the opportunity to “Ride Nature”, knows the thrill, the excitement, and the joy that riding a board can bring. From the first time you pop an ollie on a skateboard…to when you land your first tre-flip. When you paddle into your first wave and you feel the power of the ocean pushing you effortlessly. The pure gratification of carving through bottomless snow on an unforgettable powder day on the mountain.Nature is the fuel and the source for almost all board sports. Without it, many of them would be IMPOSSIBLE. Surfing. Snowboarding. Even Skateboarding. But by harnessing this force; the wind, the waves, snow, gravity…we discover something completely unique. A sport. A lifestyle. A passion. AN OPPORTUNITY to “Ride Nature”.....But if you’re like the majority of individuals that have a passion for action sports, chances are….you’ve probably taken these opportunities for granted. There are literally BILLIONS of children around the world that will never get the opportunity to experience the excitement of owning their own board or getting the chance to surf, skate, or even just ride a board. Ride Nature is a brand that was built from the ground up with a PURPOSE - We like to call it; "A MEANS TO THE ENDS".

Our dream is to give every child the opportunity to "Ride Nature"
and through that process bring the hope of everlasting life!
For more information about the Ride Nature organization and how the proceeds from all sales are being used to IMPACT THE WORLD THROUGH ACTION SPORTS visit www.ridenature.org.