Kingfoam 5mm Red Camo FP Insoles
Kingfoam 5mm Red Camo FP Insoles
Kingfoam 5mm Red Camo FP Insoles
Kingfoam 5mm Red Camo FP Insoles

Kingfoam 5mm Red Camo FP Insoles


Kingfoam Insoles are compatible with all foot types:

  • Best for Mid to High arch
  • Thickness: 3mm, 5mm & 7mm
  • Military grade UHD Memory Foam, makes each step feel like walking on a cloud while wicking away moisture
  • Absorbs more than 90% of shock energy in lab testing compared to only 53% in other “performance” insoles (ASTM F 1614-1999)
  • Our proprietary material is the exact same formulation as used by NASA on the ISS for sensitive electronics protection
  • Get any size the same or larger than yours, trim to fit
  • Red Camo Graphic (see all Kingfoam Insoles)


The ultimate stock insole replacement, Kingfoam Insoles are designed to bring superior comfort and performance to every step you take. Ideally suited for mid to high arches, these insoles provide cloud-like softness and optimal shock absorption.

Benefits of Kingfoam Insoles

  • Design: Shop all Kingfoam Insole Graphics
  • Arch Compatibility: Best for mid to high arches.
  • Thickness Options: Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thicknesses.
  • Premium Material: Crafted from military-grade UHD memory foam for ultimate softness and moisture wicking.
  • Outstanding Shock Absorption: Laboratory testing shows that our insoles absorb over 90% of shock energy — significantly higher than the 53% recorded for other "performance" insoles (ASTM F 1614-1999).
  • Sizes: Available in multiple sizes. Select your exact size or one larger and simply trim to fit.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

*Note: For women's insole sizing, add two sizes up. (Ex: a men's size 4 insole is a women's size 6.)