Kingfoam Elite Hi Colours Collective AJA FP Insoles

Kingfoam Elite Hi Colours Collective AJA FP Insoles



Style, comfort, and shock absorption meet in our Colours Collectiv AJA Kingfoam Elite Insoles. These high-profile impact protection insoles feature a 5mm toe and 10mm heel to protect your feet and joints.

  • Engineered for mid to high arches and suitable for all foot types
  • Proven to absorb over 90% of shock energy (ASTM F 1614-1999).
  • Reduce injury risks from foot fatigue while promoting long-term foot health.

About Kingfoam Elite Insoles

On a daily basis, our feet endure tremendous impact forces from activities like sports or even just walking and running. FP Insoles Kingfoam Elite shock absorbing insoles protect your feet to prevent pain and discomfort, injuries, and long-term issues.

Scientifically proven in lab tests to absorb over 90% of shock energy (ASTM F 1614-1999), our Kingfoam Elite Insoles minimize the stress on your feet to reduce fatigue-related injury risks.

Designed for mid to high arches and all foot types, Kingfoam Elite Insoles are available in multiple thicknesses:

  • High: 5mm toe, 10mm heel - ideal for action sports with high impact.
  • Mid: 5mm toe, 7mm heel - a balanced blend of comfort and energy absorption.
  • Thin: 3mm toe, 5mm heel - for light, everyday usage.

Whether you engage in high-impact sports or want daily foot comfort, these flat insoles provide optimal shock absorption for comfortable all day.

Benefits of Kingfoam Elite Insoles

  • Compatibility: Flat insole designed to fit all foot types and especially help those with high to mid arches.
  • High-Impact Protection: Flat design with a sloped heel for additional protection.
  • Thickness Options: Thin, Medium, and High thickness versions available with up to 10mm heel, ideal for action sports.
  • Superior Shock Absorption: Protects your feet and joints by absorbing over 90% of shock energy, significantly outperforming other insoles.